Akshat Parthiban – Director of NJ Chapter

Akshat is a sophomore at Thomas Edison EnergySmart Charter School. He has been learning piano and guitar for the past 10 years and has played at several concerts and competitions in New Jersey and New York. He loves to spend his free time doing music therapy in senior citizen centers and also organizes various events, inviting kids from his neighborhood, school, and music institutions. Akshat is trying to expand this organization in other states.

Anika Parthiban – Co-Director of NJ Chapter

Anika is a 7th grade student at Thomas Edison EnergySmart Charter School. She has been learning Indian classical singing and dance for the past 7 years and has performed in several competitions in New Jersey. She brings other dance school students to perform music therapy for senior citizens. Anika is excited to perform for Music Shines Bright.

Shreya Sureshkumar – Director of North NJ Chapter

Shreya is an 8th-grade student at Pearl R Miller Middle School in North Jersey. She loves to sing while playing the piano. She also plays the French Horn. Also, Shreya has performed in several honor choirs, ranking as the #1 soprano in the county in 2018. In her free time, Shreya enjoys participating in theatre and broadening her horizons.

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