Oh my gosh Cary. This is soooo awesome. And your voice is amazing!
– Karol W.

What a wonderful way to brighten their lives… And you have a great voice!
– Vicki M.

You’re right, I enjoyed it very much. Wish I had your singing voice. You are doing good work.
Thanks for sharing this clip with me. I am going to keep it for that day when I need a smile.
– Jim W.

You have a good heart and a wonderful voice. You must bring sunshine to many with Music Shines Bright!
– Margot M.

It’s wonderful! I love it! You know Cary such warm presence is the most important thing that people need.
You are Wonderful Cary
– Amina EF.

Thanks for your song (you still have an excellent voice) and it is true, that a smile can make a difference. BRAVO.
– Guy L.

Cary, Needless to say that you are a special person, but what you are doing is really special. Thanks for sharing.
– Rod B.

My mom sent me the video of you singing to an elderly woman. It brought tears to my eyes how she responded to your song.
Well done for putting a smile on someone’s face who desperately needed it, myself included!
– Farah AH.

I am happy for the opportunity to write these words about a recently found considerate person. I first met Mr Pollack when he started to regale the residents of GZ1 Special Care Unit at the Jewish Home for the Aged. My wife Lillian, z”l was then a resident in this unit and she responded with joy and singing to Mr. Pollack’s voice and musical selections. As my wife began to fail Cary with his music paid special attention to my Lillian, eager for her to participate. As she continued to fail Cary extended himself even more in his attempt to reach her and elicit some response….AND…I should add that my Lillian was not the only resident to whom he reached out. Cary Pollack became over time the highlight of the Friday afternoon, Erev Shabbat Service. Sadly, the time came when even Cary’s voice and musical selections could do no more for my Lillian. But I have no doubt that Cary’s gift of voice and compassion, and his warmth continue to bring rays of joy to those who are residents of the Jewish Home for the Aging. May his voice continue to ring out.Most Sincerely.
– Rabbi Harry A. R.

Cary, You’re really the best. Thank you for this!
– Mike G.

I was really moved when Roy, Richard and Eileen told me that the first movement made by Lois since arriving at your house was
when I waved to her and SHE waved back. I got the goose bumps! Music is magical. Absolutely.
– Cary P.

You have a real crooner’s voice! But your kindness is just so beautiful! In times of barbarian acts, we need these kind moments,
beleive in each other, help each other, be there when the other one needs us.
– Daniele O.

I am so proud of you – such a great idea, great job, great soul. God bless we have you in our lives.
– Daisy G.

Thanks for sharing! That was great. It sure made me smile.
– Steven M.

This is a wonderful video, thank you for sharing! You have a beautiful voice and you clearly touched those people deeply.
– Meredith B.

Great picture Cary, Happy Holidays! Too fun the pic/video!! Just lovely.
– Doug C.

I read through the dictionary
To make a choice
But there are no words
To describe your voice

Your voice sings to me
Loud and clear
Thru my head and heart
Which I still hear

If I could just hum a rhapsody
You’d hear the joy it evokes in me
Bringing back times
That used to be

The tears are running
Down my face…
Tears of joy to fill the space
That’s been so long an empty lace

And though your recital
Is over and gone
It resounds in my head
In everlasting song WITH GRATITUDE,